FRANSJE HOOIMEIJER: The making of polder cities: A fine Dutch tradition

presentation Fransje light_Page_01

HOOIMEIJER A fine Dutch tradition and you can watch the presentation online by clicking HERE.

Assistant Prof. Fransje Hooimeijer PhD.MA.(1971) TUD Faculty of Architecture, Dep. of Urbanism, Chair Environmental Technology & Design (ETD) is specialised in sustainable urban development considering technical subjects like water, energy, subsoil and civil constructions in relation to urban design. Especially on the district scale she is specialized in integrating the natural system in urban development and finding the balance in applying technological solutions. She is coordinator of the master track urbanism, supervising graduation students, coordinator of graduation Lab Urban Transformations & Sustainability, teacher in course Sustainable Engineering of Territory and AquaTerra Urban Design. FH is involved in several  research projects about energy, subsurface development and water management.

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