LECTURE LIANG XIONG: Planning with Water in China, Taiwan and the Netherlands

LIANG Planning with water 20140722_Page_01

XIONG LIANG Planning with water: China, Taiwan, the Netherlands

Liang Xiong is a PhD candidate at the Department of Urbanism of the TU Delft. The theme of his dissertation is Delta-Urbanism in the Pearl River delta.

Urban Deltas are one of the most important coastal areas in the challenge of Climate Change because of their high vulnerability in both social-economic and nature process. With its earliest cities settled more than two thousand years ago, the Pearl River Delta is one of the oldest and richest deltas for dwelling. However, the economic boom and urban expansion are pushing the delta-cities relationship great step forwards since 1980’s. To keep the well performance as it did for the last 2000 years, which lane should the delta follow in the highway of transforming?

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