2017 Speakers


Speakers Summer School (by order of appearance)
Person Affiliation Email
peter-russellPeter Russell Dean BK
vincent-nadin-2017Vincent Nadin Head of Urbanism
FransjeFransje Hooimeijer Assistant Professor Urbanism F.L.Hooimeijer@tudelft.nl
TanehaTaneha Bachhin Assistant Professor Urbanism T.Bacchin@tudelft.nl
Igor-MorenoIgor Moreno PhD candidate OTB, coordinator of RETHINK THE CITY MOOC I.Pessoa@tudelft.nl
GuusGuus van Steenbergen PhD candidate Urbanism, former employee at South Holland Province A.A.C.vanSteenbergen@tudelft.nl
anne-loesAnne Loes Nillesen De Facto Architecture anneloes@d.efac.to
JosJos van Alphen Delta Commission Programme Jos.van.Alphen@deltacommissaris.nl
Roel-Roel Kamerling TU Delft Global R.Kamerling@tudelft.nl
Linda-van-OS-ROUNDLinda van Os Municipality of the Hague linda.vanos@denhaag.nl
Frank den Boer
Landscape architect, Municipality of the Hague frank.denboer@denhaag.nl
Geert-Jan-de-MaagdGert-Jan de Maagd Director Knowledge, Innovation and Strategy, Ministry Infrastructure and the Environment
ShyreenShyreen Shaib Ministry Infrastructure and the Environment Shyreen.Shaib@rijksoverheid.nl
DaxDax Boot Trainee Ministry Infrastructure and the Environment
Mirthe-JanssenMirthe Janssen Trainee Ministry Infrastructure and the Environment
Peter-van-der-GraafPeter van der Graaf Stijlgroep office for landscape and urban design pcvandergraaf@gmail.com
RebecaRebeca Rabello EMU Master student rebeca_rabello@hotmail.com
Nirul-Ramkisor-ROUNDNirul Ramkisor Infra Provincie Flevoland nirulr@gmail.com
BarbaraBarbara Tempels PhD, Ghent University  barbara.tempels@ugent.be
GerdaGerda Roeleveld DELTARES Ppatial Planning and Research by Design Gerda.Roeleveld@deltares.nl
bert1Bert Smolders ARCADIS bert.smolders@arcadis.com
IRISIris Bijlsma ARCADIS iris.bijlsma@arcadis.com
FLOORFloor Boerwinkel ARCADIS floor.boerwinkel@arcadis.com
Roberto-Rocco-ROUNDRoberto Rocco Senior Assistant Professor at TU Delft, Urbanism r.c.rocco@tudelft.nl
Mar-Aparici-ROUNDMar Muñoz Aparici Young architect, MSc by TU Delft mar.mu.ap@gmail.com
ClaudiuClaudiu Forgaci PhD candidate Urbanism C.Forgaci@tudelft.nl
MarcinMarcin Dabrowski Assistant Professor Urbanism M.M.Dabrowski@tudelft.nl
Invited guests/ observers
JocelynJocelyn Chiew Monash University, Melbourne jocelyn.chiew@monash.edu
KeisukeKeisuke Sugano (visiting researcher) Waseda University, Tokyo keisukesugano@gmail.com