Final presentation at the TU Delft Science Centre, with Francisco Colombo, Lidewij Tummers and Eit Hasker in the front row. Andrea Verni in the second row.

We would like to thank the large group of individuals who have contributed to the success of the Summer School 2015, including the ORGANISING TEAM and the SPEAKERS.

The Summer School is a not for profit activity. We charge the students very low fees and hope we can attract people who would not normally attend a Summer School in a top university in Europe. For that reason, we rely on voluntary contributions to make it a success.

We would like to thank Lidewij Tummers, Francisco Colombo, Andrea Verni, Putri Santoso, Kim van Doesbug and Kris Spasov for their participation as members of the panel at the final presentations of the Summer School.

Eit Hasker and Linda van Os from the Municipality of The Hague, for having a real interest in the students and the course and for accompanying us in several moments.

Shyreen Shaib and Milou van Joosten from the Ministry of the Infrastructure and the Environment, for organising a logistically complex but memorable visit to the Ministry.

We are grateful for the opportunity to interact with 72 students, 18 speakers, 6 student volunteers (the super professionals Putri Kinasih, Nikita Baliga, Kim van Doesburg, Andrea Verni, Ally Lu, and Kris) and so many people who helped make this summer school unforgettable.

Our secretaries Linda de Vos, Karin Visser, Margo van der Helm, Danielle Karakuza, Astrid Roos and Annemieke Berger (our executive person) made the logistics of the Summer School possible. 

Wenchi Yang, our student assistant and Kristian Spasov. Francisco Colombo, Taneha Kuzniecow Bacchin, Merten Nefs, Igor Moreno Pessoa, and many others gave an invaluable contribution.

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