Coronavirus Policy

The Pandemic is not over and we are keeping an eye on how things develop. Provide we continue in the same trajectory, and no new lethal variants of the virus arise, the summer school will take place normally between 11 and 22 JULY 2022. Please read the TU Delft policy about non-EU students HERE.

All students attending the summer school must show proof of vaccination (2 doses minimum) and carry their proof of vaccination to be able to access sites we will visit.

All students must install the app provided by the Dutch National Government to track and prove vaccination status. The APP can be downloaded HERE. These requirements are necessary when 100 people from all over the world converge in one place.

If you can’t be vaccinated because of health reasons, you must show proof of vaccine exemption signed by an accredited doctor. No other reasons for lack of vaccination will be accepted.

If you cannot attend the summer school because of a CORONA infection, you must show proof of infection and we will return 75% of your fees.

If you get infected during the summer school, you will need to self isolate for 5 days and test yourself until you are not contagious.

If you need to stay extra days in the Netherlands because of your CORONA status, TU Delft is not responsible for accommodation and all extra costs resulting from you not being able to travel or medical expenses.

All students attending the summer school must have insurance that covers extra-expenses in case they contract CORONA during the summer school, including extra hotel nights if you need to stay longer in the country. You can get information about INSURANCE HERE. You should check what the insurance company covers. All students who come to the Summer School must sign a disclaimer that TU Delft is not financially responsible for you. If you need further information about our CORONA policy, please write to the Contact Centre TU Delft.

AGAIN: TU Delft is not responsible for any extra costs resulting from CORONA infections.

All students participating in the summer school will be tested upon arrival and at the beginning of the second week of the school.

As of FEBRUARY 2022, masks are required within TU Delft buildings, but may be removed when students are seating. Conditions may change until July.

We believe that we all have a duty of care towards our fellow human beings. Thanks for understanding.

If you have questions, please write to