RETHINK THE CITY MOOC prize selection criteria


Mohammed with the MOOC Rethink the City organisers, Igor Moreno and Luz Maria Vergara D’Alençon, at BK, TU Delft.

Rethink the City is a completely free online course aimed to connect the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment of TU Delft with students worldwide.

With that in mind, we will offer the opportunity to TWO participants of the MOOC to come to Delft to follow the 2018 Summer School – Planning and Design with Water. The Rethink the City prize will cover the costs of the tuition fee for the summer school, the costs of accommodation and food in Delft during the period of the summer school and the travel costs to The Netherlands. The prize will cover the mentioned costs up to 1500 euros.

A committee made of PhD candidates, one mentor (professor) and one external jury (invited guest not part of the course team) will select the winner of the Rethink the City Prize.

The committee will evaluate the following aspects for the selection of the winning participant:

  • participation on the forum
  • quality of the practical assignments
  • originality and critical perspective of the final assignment
  • motivation letter

Only candidates that successfully complete the Rethink the City course and submit their motivation letter will be considered for the Rethink the City Prize. The deadline for submission of the motivation letter is the same as the peer review for the final assignment.