Delft: the city where we are

3810588339_db014ed8fc_bDelft is popular tourist attraction in the country. It is home to Delft University of Technology (“TU Delft”), regarded as center of technological research and development in the Netherlands, Delft Blue pottery and the currently reigning House of Orange-Nassau.

Delft is located roughly between Rotterdam, to the south, and The Hague, to the north. Together with them, it is part of both Rotterdam–The Hague Metropolitan Area and the Randstad.

Historically, thanks to the pioneering contributions of Antonie van Leeuwenhoek and Martinus Beijerinck, Delft can be considered to be the birthplace of microbiology as a scientific discipline” (source: Wikipedia)

In order to know a little bit about the history of Delft, please visit this article by Google.

The little street, a painting by Johannes Vermeer depicting Delft. Vermeer is one of the great painters of the Dutch Golden Era, and a native of Delft.

To EXPLORE contemporary Delft, visit HERE.