How to make a good introduction video

The introduction video we ask you to prepare is just that, a way for us to see who you are. It will not be judged on its technical qualities, but on your ability to communicate.

For this reason, you should not worry about making this video with professional standards. You can use a smart phone! Here are some tips on how to make a good video.

  1. We want to know who you are, so it is useful if you are relaxed and if you introduce yourself.
  2. Ask a friend to film you.
  3. Tell us about your passions.
  4. Tell us about the challenges in your city.
  5. Tell us why you think the Summer School will help your personal development and education.
  6. Make sure the sound is OK. If you record your video outdoors, make sure your voice can be heard clearly and that there are no disturbing noises nearby..
  7. Make sure your face is clearly visible! We really want to see you!
  8. You can follow the same logic as the MOTIVATION LETTER but keep in mind the film should be only 3 minutes long!
  9. Click HERE to see a great example of introduction video from Cassiano Moroz, a student from Curitiba, Brazil.