Transition economies and conflict zones special fees

There are special fees for nationals from “transition economies” and countries undergoing conflict.

By transition economies we mean a number of former Soviet Republics (not all) and former Yugoslav Republics (not all), not members of the European Union, as well as Cuba. This scholarship excludes Russia.

By countries undergoing conflict, we mean countries that are currently in a state of war or very near a war zone, and where there is political upheaval.

Post-Soviet states that qualify for reduced fees:

Former Yugoslavian states that qualify for reduced fees:

  1. Bosnia-Herzegovina
  2. Kosovo
  3. Macedonia FYROM
  4. Montenegro
  5. Serbia

(Former members states of the former Soviet Union and Yugoslavia which are now part of the EU do not qualify for reduced fees)

Countries undergoing conflict or political upheaval:

  1. Yemen
  2. Iraq
  3. Palestine
  4. Syria
  5. Venezuela

We are aware there are many more countries currently undergoing conflict, but only nationals from countries on this list are eligible for reduced fees. You must be able to prove you are born in one of these countries. Please, be aware that it might be extremely difficult for nationals from these countries to apply for a Dutch visa. The Dutch authorities have obviously total discretion in granting a short stay visa.