Tasks prior to your arrival


Ahead of their arrival, we ask students to prepare for the Summer School by performing three tasks.  You need to be able to:

1. Explain ONE SPATIAL PLANNING ICON in YOUR OWN country in 3 slides in 3 minutes (1 minute per slide). You need to read document number 1 to understand what we mean by “Spatial Planning Icon”. Please, prepare an image of an icon to show . This is a VERY SHORT EXERCISE. Remember you will have only 3 minutes to explain. (At TU Delft, we take short presentations very seriously, so you will not have extra time!).

2. Explain how is Dutch planning different from planning in your own country in 3 minutes. You need to read document number 2 in order to do this. In this exercise you need to be able to say something about planning in your own country, in a very summarised way (One paragraph). You can think of aspects like: Who plans? Is planning centralised? Is there devolution/ subsidiarity? Is it top-down or bottom-up? Is there participation of citizens? Is it free of corruption? Is it effective? Why not?

3. Explain the role of Spatial Planners and Designers IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY. You need to read document number 3 in order to do this. You are not going to present this. Instead, you will be invited to play a game in which the information contained in the paper will be useful.

The documents are downloadable below:

1. REPORT: 35 ICONS OF DUTCH SPATIAL PLANNING (Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment)

2. REPORT: 75 YEARS OF NATIONAL SPATIAL POLICY IN THE NETHERLANDS (Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment)

3. ACADEMIC PAPER: Urban Planners as Network Managers and Metagovernors (by Karina Sehested)

You also need to watch:

A general introduction to ‘study in the Netherlands’ at:

A simple introduction to the Dutch Delta (the context where we will work) at:

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