HeatherHeather Troutman (USA, activist): 

My fellow urbanists, egalitarians, explorers, those of you who believe in a world fuelled by clean, renewable energy and cities that nurture quality life for all; this was the best summer school of my entire education. Plus, Delft is a magical city; beauty to inspire.

JeanJean Carlos Paz Vega Dias (Puerto Rico, architect): 

I have been sharing this at  y school with a lot of passion. I still go through my sketches and pictures and get a lot of goose bumps. I confess that this memory drives me every day!

Merita-KukaMerita Kuka (Albania, architect):

“10 days at TU Delft ? I had not expected how interesting my time at Planning and Design with Water would be! Activities were all amazing and I learned a lot ! In only 10 days, I was able to understand how a totally complex country works in its best with water and also how can innovation, ecology , water and infrastructure can bond ! Coming from a small country as Albania , I have met a lot of different students from all around the world, such a friendly environment !  If it was possible , I would love to enrol in this Summer School again and again. Thank you TU Delft for one of the best experiences in my life !” Merita Kuka, Polytechnic University of Tirana Planning and design with water 2016 , TU Delft.


Atoosa Marzban (Iran, stuying at Politecnico di Milano):

“The Summer School at TU DELFT, was a great Journey, I mean Journey in terms of 10 days of new experiences, achievements, knowledge, making friendships, fun and enjoyment, discovering a new city and a new lifestyle….that was a challenge which gave me the chance of learning, practicing, listening to new ideas, meanwhile enjoying to think freely while making a creative project. I enjoyed a lot during the summer school and I would never forget that days. I recommend surely not to miss a big chance to have an experience which is totally different of all projects during university period. That’s not only the lessons of planning and design, but also you would learn the lessons of life and being happy”.

Liza Shilicheva (Belarus, architect):
“Participation in the Summer School at TU Delft was a great opportunity for me, to be involved in a distinctive city culture, be part of it while exploring the Dutch tradition of planning and design with water. I was so impressed by the attention and careful attitude to the climate and the design with water that upon my return home, my friends and I organized the 5th Minsk architectural Forum with a similar theme (development and strategic planning of Minsk water-green diameter). Thanks to the Summer School, cool and highly professional people in TU Delft I became confident about what I want to do further in my life. So, great people, great Delft and great Urbanism!?”

Alice-DixonAlice Dixon (Canada, activist) Due to the effects of climate change, cities around the world are now having to engage with water infrastructure techniques to mitigate flooding. While many cities in North America are now beginning to implement flood prevention measures, such measures have been used and refined by the Dutch for centuries, and thus training in the Planning and Design with Water program at TU Delft comes with the expertise and prestige of Dutch subject matter experts. I noted a water infrastructure project in Netherlands I learned about at TU Delft two years ago being referenced at a conference I attended last week, and I am often one of the few people in design charrettes bringing urban water design techniques to the table. TU Delft’s program definitely helped put me ahead of the curve when it comes to planning and designing with water to support the creation of spaces that are more resilient to the effects of climate change”.

 Aris Golemis (Greece, civil engineer) 

Aris“The experience I gained from this summer school was truly unique both in terms of making acquaintances and expanding my knowledge. For me, a civil engineer, the summer school helped me gain an aspect I have never heard of, zooming out from the original engineering aspect and making me realize the bigger picture. Technicalities aside, I also met some awesome people whom I am still and will be in touch with, both staff and students. Of course, TU Delft is a leading university when it comes to this field and the people organizing it are very thoughtful and make you feel at ease the moment you step in. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in the environmental aspect of either engineering or urban planning, as I believe it was overall an invaluable experience, both for my academic background but also for me as a person. I am grateful to have attended it.”

NatashaNatasha  Kurmashova (Belarus, architect)

“It is important to find a person, team or an organisation which helps you to link all diverse knowledge in a solid strong line and Summer School is a cure. Sharing previously obtained experience with other participants and tutors, you will get a wave of fresh ideas and energy to implement all gained information in you own city. It is so cool when someone can open your eyes!”