Lecture Taneha Bacchin: Sustainable Infrastructures

BACCHIN Sustainable Infrastructures

Taneha Bacchin's Sustainable Infrastructure Lecture: Click on the image to download the presentation.

Taneha Bacchin’s Sustainable Infrastructure Lecture: Click on the image to download the presentation.

Taneha K. Bacchin is an Architect and Urban Planner, Research Associate at the Chair of Environmental Technology & Design, Delft University of Technology, Researcher at the Flood Resilience Group, UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education. She holds a M.Sc. Degree in Architecture (summa cum laude) and M.Sc. Postgraduate Degree (with honour) in Spatial Planning and Technology from IUAV University of Venice, Italy. Previously, she had studied (BArch) at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, working as an Undergraduate Researcher in Urban Technology funded by the Brazilian National Council of Scientific and Technological Development. Her research interest in spatial planning and modelling has led her to the Venetian Faculty of Architecture and Spatial Planning in 2000, where she is a guest lecturer since 2007. After several years of work experience in architecture and urban planning practices, in 2009 she started her PhD research studies at the University College London (Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis), UK and Delft University of Technology / UNESCO-IHE, The Netherlands. Doctoral Fellow funded by CAPES, Brazilian Ministry of Education, she focused on modelling the retrofitting of urban nature in dense urbanized environments, increasing dynamic resilience to flood risk and liveability in cities across different spatial and temporal scales.

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